40+ Beautiful Stylish Faux Locs Styles In Nigeria

Faux locs is a popular protective style that has gained widespread popularity in Nigeria and around the world. It is a brilliant alternative for individuals who desire the look of traditional dreadlocks, but without having to go through the process of growing or locking their hair.

Faux locs have become incredibly versatile, and there are a plethora of ways in which an individual can style their hair while wearing them. In this blog post, I will be sharing with you over twenty faux locs styles in Nigeria that you can try out, whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, a style icon, or just looking for new ways to switch up your look.

From the classic crochet braids to intricate braid patterns, there’s a style available for everyone. You can accessorize your faux locs with beads, cuffs, and metallic strings to create an even more unique and stylish look. I’ll delve into the various hairstyles that can be achieved, including updos, ponytails, and half-up half-down

1.Introduction To Faux Locs

Welcome to the document titled “20+ Faux Locs Styles in Nigeria Ideas”. This document aims to provide an in-depth introduction to the popular hairstyle technique, faux locs. Faux locs are a protective hairstyle that combines the look of dreadlocks with braids.

It has become increasingly popular in Nigeria in recent years due to its versatility and protective benefits for natural hair. This hairstyle can last for several weeks, allowing women to protect their natural hair while still maintaining a stylish appearance. This document will discuss the benefits of faux locs, how to install and maintain them, and provide 20+ faux locs style ideas for Nigerian women to try.

2. How To Install Faux Locs

If you’re looking to try out a new hairstyle, faux locs are a great option to consider. They offer a unique and stylish look while also being protective for your natural hair. However, before you can enjoy your new style, you’ll need to know how to install them properly. To start, you’ll need to wash and condition your hair to ensure it’s clean and hydrated.

Once your hair is dry, you can start the installation process by sectioning your hair and braiding it into small sections. Then, you’ll begin wrapping each braid with your faux locs material of choice, securing them in place with a small rubber band or knot. Repeat this process until all the braids have been covered and voila – you have installed your very own faux locs! For a more detailed and personalized installation approach, it’s always recommended to seek professional help, especially if it’s your first time installing faux locs.

3.Benefits Of Faux Locs

Faux Locs are a popular and versatile protective hairstyle that have become increasingly popular in recent years. They offer a wide range of benefits, making them a preferred choice for many naturalistas. First, faux locs provide a low maintenance option that is both stylish and functional. They can be worn for extended periods without the need for constant maintenance.

Second, faux locs help to protect the natural hair from daily manipulation, excessive heat, and other damaging factors. This can help to reduce breakage and promote healthy hair growth. Lastly, faux locs offer a variety of styling options, allowing individuals to get creative and experiment with different looks. With so many different styles to choose from, it’s no wonder that faux locs have become so popular in Nigeria and around the world.

4. Maintenance Of Faux Locs

Faux locs have become a popular hairstyle in Nigeria due to their versatility and convenience. However, it’s important to understand that maintaining faux locs is just as crucial as the initial installation process. To preserve the beauty and longevity of your faux locs, there are several maintenance practices to keep in mind. Firstly, it’s important to moisturize your scalp regularly to prevent dryness and itchiness.

This can be achieved by applying natural oils such as coconut oil or argan oil to your scalp. Additionally, it’s crucial to protect your faux locs while sleeping by covering them with a silk or satin scarf to prevent frizziness and tangling. Lastly, it’s recommended to visit a professional stylist every 4-6 weeks for touch-ups to keep your faux locs looking fresh and beautiful. By following these maintenance tips, you can ensure that your faux locs remain beautiful and healthy for an extended period.

5. Basic Faux locs Braids

The Basic Faux locs Braids is a popular choice among women who want to achieve the stylish look of dreadlocks without the commitment. This is one of the easiest faux locs styles to maintain and is a great option for those who are new to the faux locs trend.

To achieve the Basic Faux locs Braids, start by sectioning your hair and braiding it into small sections. Next, apply synthetic hair extensions to each braid using the wrapping method, ensuring that the braids are tightly secured. Once you have completed wrapping all braids, dip them in hot water to set and seal the style. The resulting style creates a low-maintenance and natural look that can easily be styled in various ways, making it a versatile choice for any occasion.

6.Faux Locs Updo With Scarf

Faux Locs Updo With Scarf is a popular style choice among Nigerian women due to its versatility and low-maintenance nature. This style involves creating temporary dreadlocks by braiding hair extensions into natural hair. Faux locs with braids require minimal daily styling, making it ideal for busy women. Additionally, this style can be adorned with beads, rings or colorful threads for a more personalized look.

However, it is essential to have a professional hairdresser install Faux Locs Updo With Scarf to avoid breakage or damage to the natural hair. With proper maintenance and occasional touch-ups by a professional stylist, this style can be worn for up to two months.

7.Butterfly Faux Locs

Butterfly Faux Locs add an interesting twist to traditional faux locs. This style involves using twists to accentuate and add texture to the locs, resulting in a unique and captivating look. The twists are usually shorter in length compared to the locs to create a contrast between the two textures, adding dimension to the overall style.

Butterfly Faux Locs are a perfect style for those who want to try something different and bold, while still keeping some elements of familiarity. This style can be achieved with either synthetic or human hair, and can be done in various lengths and colors to suit different personalities and preferences. It is no wonder that faux locs with twists are a popular choice among fashion-conscious individuals, including celebrities and influencers.

8. Short Faux Locs Styles

Faux locs have become increasingly popular in Nigeria over the years, and for good reason. Not only are they stylish and versatile, but they also provide an opportunity for protective styling, allowing individuals to give their natural hair a break from daily manipulation, heat styling, and chemical treatments.

One popular way to rock Short Faux Locs Styles is by adding curls to them. This style not only adds dimension and texture to the locs but also gives a more natural look to the hair. Short Faux Locs Styles can also be achieved with a variety of different hair textures, from kinky to wavy. With proper installation and maintenance, this style can last for weeks, making it a great option for those seeking low-maintenance but high-impact looks.

9. Faux Locs With Highlights

Faux Locs with highlights are a popular hairstyle among women in Nigeria. This style is a versatile and low-maintenance option that looks great on all hair types. The addition of highlights to faux locs adds an extra pop of color and dimension to the hair, making it a great way to switch up your look without much effort.

To create this style, the hair is first braided into faux locs using synthetic hair extensions, and then highlights are added using a hair dye or temporary hair color spray. This style can be customized with various colors and placement of the highlights to achieve a unique and personalized look. Overall, Faux Locs with highlights is a trendy and fashionable hairstyle for any occasion.

10. Faux Locs With Accessories

Faux Locs with accessories is one of the top trending hair styles in Nigeria today. The style involves adding decorative items such as beads, rings, and threads to existing faux locs to add color, texture, and volume. This elegant and stylish approach to faux locs has taken the Nigerian hair industry by storm and has quickly become a popular choice for those looking to stand out in a crowd.

The addition of accessories not only adds an extra element of style to the hairstyle but also provides a great opportunity to express one’s personality through their hair. With endless options to choose from, the Faux Locs with accessories hairstyle is a hit with many Nigerian women seeking a standout look.

11. Faux Locs Updo Styles

Faux locs are a trendy protective hairstyle that mimic the look of traditional locs, but without the commitment or maintenance. Faux locs updo styles take the versatility of this hairstyle to the next level, allowing you to create elegant, stylish, and practical styles for any event or occasion.

From high top knots to sleek buns, faux locs updo styles offer a range of options that can be customized to your personal style and preferences. In Nigeria, these styles have become increasingly popular among women who are looking for a protective and stylish hairstyle. If you’re interested in trying out this hairstyle, there are many tutorials and photos available online to help you get inspired and find the perfect faux locs updo style for you.

12.Short Faux Locs With Brazilian Wool

Short Faux Locs With Brazilian Wool is a popular hairstyle in Nigeria that has gained widespread popularity for its versatility and elegance. This style involves adding extensions to the natural hair to achieve a dreadlock-like appearance. The hair is then parted on the side for a chic and sophisticated look.

The style can be created using a variety of hair textures and lengths, depending on the desired outcome. It can also be accessorized with hair jewelry or beads to add a touch of glamor. Short Faux Locs With Brazilian Wool is a low-maintenance hairstyle that can last up to eight weeks with proper care. This style is perfect for individuals who want to add length and volume to their hair while still maintaining a natural look.

13. Faux Locs With Cornrows

Faux locs with cornrows is a trendy style that has been gaining popularity in Nigeria. This style involves braiding cornrows at the sides and then installing faux locs in the middle. The cornrows provide a neat, clean look while the faux locs add volume and texture to the hair.

This style is popular among women with natural hair and offers a low-maintenance protective style that can last up to 6 weeks with proper care. This style is easily customizable, as you can choose to add color or accessories to your faux locs for a unique, personalized look. Whether you’re going for a bohemian, edgy, or classic look, faux locs with cornrows can be styled to suit any occasion.

14. Faux Locs With Knotless Braids

Faux locs are a popular protective style among those with natural hair in Nigeria. One variation of this style is the faux locs with knotless braids. This style involves using braiding hair to create faux locs, but instead of knotting the hair at the base, the braids are started with a feed-in technique. This creates a more natural-looking style that is also gentler on the scalp than traditional faux locs.

Additionally, this technique can be used to create a variety of different styles, including short and long lengths, thick or thin locs, and various parting patterns. Faux locs with knotless braids can be styled in a number of ways, from a simple half-up half-down style to a full updo, making it a versatile style option for anyone looking to protect their natural hair.

15. Faux Locs With Two-Tone Color

Faux locs with two-tone color is a trending hairstyle that involves adding two different colors to your faux locs. This style of faux locs is gaining popularity in Nigeria due to its unique and eye-catching appearance.

The two-tone color adds depth and texture to the hair, making it look more natural and multidimensional. It also allows for creativity and personalization, as you can choose any two colors that complement each other or match your personal style.

This style is versatile and can be styled in different ways, from updos to braids, making it perfect for any occasion. If you are looking for a bold and stylish hairdo, faux locs with two-tone color can be a great option to consider.

16. Faux Locs With Bangs

Faux Locs with bangs is a Trending Hairstyle in Nigeria that is garnering attention due to its unique blend of style and sophistication. This style involves the use of synthetic hair that is twisted and wrapped around your natural hair. The bangs give the style a versatile look, making it suitable for a variety of occasions.

This low-maintenance hairstyle has become popular among Nigerian women because it allows them to experiment with creative styling without the commitment of a long-term hairstyle. The combination of faux locs with bangs has become increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why. Whether you’re looking for a casual or formal look, this style can be modified to suit your preferences. However, it’s essential to ensure that you have the right hairstylist to get the best results.

17. Faux Locs With Beads

Faux locs with beads is a popular hairstyle in Nigeria that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It is a style that combines the traditional African hairstyle of locs with the modern twist of faux locs, adorned with beads. This style can be achieved with either synthetic or human hair extensions and is a perfect protective style for natural hair.

The addition of beads adds an ethnic flair to the hairstyle, and different colored beads can be used to complement the overall look. Faux locs with beads are versatile and can be styled in different ways, including buns, ponytails, and half-up half-down styles. It is a low maintenance hairstyle that can last for up to two months with proper care, making it a practical and trendy choice for those looking to switch up their hair game.

18. Faux Locs With Undercut

Faux locs with undercut is a popular hairstyle that has been gaining popularity in Nigeria in recent times. This style involves attaching faux locs to natural hair, and then shaving a portion of the hair to create an undercut. This unique combination of faux locs and undercut creates a striking and edgy look that is perfect for those who want to make a bold fashion statement.

The undercut also provides an opportunity to experiment with different designs and patterns, adding an extra level of creativity to the style. This style requires minimal maintenance and can be worn for extended periods, making it an ideal choice for those who want a low-maintenance yet stylish hairstyle. Overall, faux locs with undercut is a versatile and chic hairstyle that is perfect for those who want to try something new and daring.

19. Faux Locs With Shaved Sides

Faux locs with shaved sides is a stylish and bold hairstyle that has become increasingly popular in Nigeria. The style involves braiding the majority of the hair into faux locs, while leaving the sides of the head shaved. The combination of the bold shaved sides and the intricate faux locs creates a striking and edgy look.

To achieve this style, a skilled hair stylist will first braid the hair into faux locs using extensions. They will then carefully shave the sides of the head to the desired length, before finishing the style with some hair accessories or beads to add some extra flair. Overall, faux locs with shaved sides is a creative and fashionable hairstyle that is perfect for those who want to make a statement with their hair.

20. Faux Locs With Mohawk Style

Faux Locs with Mohawk style is a trendy hairstyle that has gained a lot of popularity in Nigeria in recent years. It is an edgy and stylish look that goes beyond the traditional locs style. This hairstyle involves creating a mohawk effect by braiding faux locs on the centre of the head and shaving off the sides.

This style is versatile and can be achieved with different textures, lengths and colors. It is a great choice for those who want to experiment with a bold and unique look. To achieve this style, it is best to consult with a professional stylist with experience in creating faux locs hairstyles. With its popularity growing in Nigeria, Faux Locs with Mohawk style is definitely one to consider for a distinctive and striking look.

In conclusion, Faux Locs are a trendy and versatile protective hairstyle for Nigerian women of all ages. With a wide variety of styles to choose from, ranging from the classic bohemian locs to the colorful goddess locs, there is a faux locs style that is perfect for every occasion. Whether you have natural hair or relaxed hair, faux locs can help protect your hair from damage caused by styling or environmental factors, while also allowing you to express your individual style and personality. So, if you’re looking for a new and exciting hairstyle to try out, consider giving faux locs a try!