Beautiful Stylish Nigerian Shade Hairstyle

Nigerian shade hairstyles are vibrant and diverse, often incorporating colorful shades or highlights to enhance natural hair or extensions. In my 12 years of experience as a professional black hairstylist, I’ve created numerous shade hairstyles that showcase creativity and individuality. Examples include intricate braided styles like Fulani braids with gold accents, Ghana weaving with highlighted … Read more

stacked bun hairstyle black girl

As a seasoned black hairstylist with 12 years of experience, I can attest that the stacked bun hairstyle is a versatile and elegant choice for black girls. This style involves stacking multiple buns on top of each other, creating a visually stunning and dynamic look. One example from my personal experience is crafting a high … Read more

Ninja Bun Hairstyle

The Ninja Bun Hairstyle is a versatile updo characterized by a sleek or textured bun positioned high, low, or in between on the head. It’s achieved by gathering hair into a tight or loose knot, often secured with hairpins or elastics. Examples include a sleek high bun, messy low bun, or double bun variations. It … Read more

packing gel styles for round face

As a professional black hairstylist, packing gel styles for round faces involve sleek and structured looks to complement facial features. Examples include sleek low buns with center parts, high ponytails with slicked-back sides, or side parts with low buns. These styles create the illusion of length and symmetry, balancing the roundness of the face. For … Read more

All back packing gel styles

Christine Mbithuka, a seasoned professional black hairstylist with 12 years of expertise, excels in crafting all-backpacking gel styles to perfection. These styles, ideal for various face shapes, offer versatility and elegance. For oval faces, slicked-back undercut enhances facial symmetry, while round faces benefit from a high ponytail to elongate the profile. Square faces find balance … Read more

Fringe packing gel styles with attachment

As Christine Mbithuka, a seasoned professional black hairstylist, I’ve honed my expertise in fringe packing gel styles with attachments. This technique involves applying gel to define and sleeken the fringe, then incorporating various attachments to create diverse looks. To style, start by applying a generous amount of gel to the fringe area, smoothing it down … Read more

packing gel styles for graduation

For graduation, consider a sleek high bun with edged styling, accented by elegant hairpins. Alternatively, a half-up, half-down style with shine can be enhanced with jeweled hair clips. Opt for a low ponytail for a polished look, secured with stylish metallic hair ties. Side-swept bangs exude sophistication, especially when paired with sparkly hair combs. For … Read more

packing gel styles with straight weavon in nigeria

Packing gel styles with straight weave in Nigeria offer versatile options for various occasions and face shapes. For instance, a sleek center-parted style complements oval and round faces, while a side-parted look suits square faces. High buns and top knots are great for heart-shaped faces. These styles are perfect for formal events, such as weddings … Read more

straw curls on natural black hair

As a professional black hairstylist, I’ve found straw curls to be a versatile and stunning option for natural black hair. They create defined, bouncy curls without heat damage. From my experience, straw curls suit various face shapes, but they particularly complement oval, heart, and diamond-shaped faces.For oval faces, I recommend voluminous, loose straw curls framing … Read more

simple packing gel styles for medium hair

Christine Mbithuka, professional black hairstylist with extensive experience in the industry. From weddings to red carpet events, I’ve styled hair for various occasions, ensuring clients look their best. For weddings, intricate updos and elegant braided styles are popular choices, complementing the bride’s attire and enhancing her beauty. Red carpet events call for glamorous looks, such … Read more